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Insight Therapy is here for you! In response to the current concerns with COVID-19, we are offering teletherapy sessions.
Your insurance will cover these sessions.

NEW CLIENTS: Schedule a FREE CONSULTATION and have your sessions via a HIPAA compliant video conferencing platform. This does not require any downloads and it works with any device that has camera and audio capabilities.

EXISTING CLIENTS: If you have not already scheduled a teletherapy session, please contact us for details.


Mental Health


Our Services

We provide mental heath therapy
and mediation to clients ranging in
age from young children to seniors.

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Most Insurances Accepted

We accept most major insurance
plans such as Health Alliance, Student Insurance,
Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, and more.

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Client Experience & Comfort

Working together to ensure the highest quality services for our clients

About us
Insight Therapy, LLC is a flourishing outpatient mental health practice located in Champaign, Illinois. Our dynamic therapists are highly trained in their specialties and respected in the community. As well as offering professional therapy, we also offer mediation for divorce, family, and custody issues.

Comfort and experience
During counseling sessions, our therapists strive to offer reassurance and compassion in order to build a comfortable, productive relationship with you. Using thought provoking comments that invite recognition of your personal strengths, your therapist will encourage you to use those strengths to lessen the troublesome challenges and personal difficulties that you face. Together, you and your therapist will explore obstacles that you face so that you may experience greater peace and contentment with your life.

What to expect in your first appointment
The purpose of your first session is so that you and your therapist can get to know one another and discuss your goals for your therapy. If there is anything you do not feel comfortable discussing at the time, that is okay. Your therapist realizes that it may be difficult to discuss some personal information at first and that you may need time to develop a relationship with your therapist before you are ready to discuss certain topics. It is normal to feel overwhelmed during the first session and to not know exactly where to begin. Simply start from the beginning. Why are you seeking therapy? When did this issue first become bothersome to you? How has this issue interfered with your day to day life? Your therapist may ask questions along the way to help you tell your story and to clarify the information you provide to him or her. When your therapist has an understanding of why you are seeking therapy, you and your therapist will discuss your goals for therapy.

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Individual Therapy

We offer private, individual therapy sessions to clients of all ages.

Family & Couples Counseling

Our therapists work with families and couples as they navigate difficult issues.


We offer professional mediation services for divorce, family, and custody issues.

About Insight Therapy

Insight Therapy is a professional mental health private practice located in Champaign - Urbana. Insight Therapy offers individual therapy, couples counseling, family counseling, and professional mediation services to clients of all ages and issues.

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